Fisseha Berhane, PhD

Data Scientist

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Hi, I am Fisseha. I love developing data products and solving challenging real world problems using data.

I am a data scientist at CGI. Before joining CGI, I worked (2015-2016) in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a data scientist. I enjoy challenging and complex data analysis, data mining, machine learning and data visualization tasks. My PhD study was in atmospheric physics. In graduate school (2009-2015), I analyzed large volume climate and hydrology data, using various bayesian and frequentist statistical data analysis techniques, to understand physical processes in the atmosphere and to evaluate how climate change may impact the Nile River flow, which is the longest river in the world. Moreover, I used many machine learning methods to develop statistical rainfall prediction models. Here is a summary of the major projects I completed.

Data Science related courses I have taken in grad school can be found here. To deepen my data science skills, I enjoy taking online courses. I have taken more than 25 online courses with Hadoop, Spark, R, Python, Matlab, SQL, Tableau and Power BI, including Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University (nine courses + capstone) and Data Science and Engineering with Apache Spark (five courses) from Berkeley (certificates available here).

I frequently post various data science side-projects on this website, DataScience+ and R-bloggers. So, keep visiting them. You will find new and interesting posts.