Fisseha Berhane, PhD

Data Scientist

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Hi, I am Fisseha. I love developing data products and solving challenging real world problems using data.

I am a passionate data scientist who has broad and in-depth programming, statistics, mathematics, engineering and physics skills and I am using these skills to solve various business problems by using machine learning, data mining, and other types of data analytics and data visualization tools such as R, Python, Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Tableau, Hive, etc. I have more than 10 years of experience in data analytics, data mining and predictive modeling. On a daily basis, I work with Spark and Hive on AWS with Qubole or on Google Cloud with Big Query, DataFlow and TensorFlow/Keras. I am Hortonworks Spark Certified and Tableau Certified. I am also Google Advanced Solutions Lab Machine Learning Training Alumni.

I studied my masters at the University of Connecticut in hydrologic modeling where I used various predictive modeling techniques to predict water quantity under climate change. I did my PhD in atmospheric physics at Johns Hopkins University. As the name implies, atmospheric physics is application of physics to study the earth’s atmosphere by modeling it using, including, principles of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics and by analyzing the model output data using different statistical data analysis techniques such as data mining, machine learning and data visualization. I worked with different mathematical models and large volume data from satellites, radar data and data from global climate models.

I am very passionate about different applications of data science and in my free time I enjoy writing articles on various data science topics with Spark, Python, R, Tableau, etc. on this website, DataScience+ and R-bloggers. So, keep visiting them. You will find new and interesting posts.