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Introduction to TensorFlow

This is an introduction to TensorFlow class I gave at work (at USA TODAY) to colleagues. I am sharing it here hoping someone can benefit from it. The slides are mainly from Google Advanced Solutions Lab Machine Learning Training that I participated in-person for one month. Watch Videos.

Autonomous driving application - Car detection

Neural Machine Translation

Convolutional Neural Networks: Step by Step

Convolutional Neural Networks: Application

Deep Learning & Art: Neural Style Transfer

Face Recognition for the Happy House

Residual Networks

TensorFlow Tutorial

Keras tutorial - the Happy House

Optimization Methods

Deep Neural Network for Image Classification: Application

Building your Deep Neural Network: Step by Step

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Initialization

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Regularization

Improving Deep Neural Networks: Gradient Checking

Logistic Regression with a Neural Network mindset

This exercise uses logistic regression with neural network mindset to recognize cats. It uses computation graph to optimize the cost function ... more.

Planar data classification with Neural Network

Building your Recurrent Neural Network - Step by Step

Character level language model - Dinosaurus land

Write an Algorithm for a Dog Identification App

Prediction of daily bike rental ridership with neural network

Improvise a Jazz Solo with an LSTM Network


Operations on word vectors

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