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Switching to Data Science

Many are aware that data scientist, which was called the sexiest job of this century by Harvard Business Review, is among the best jobs of this decade. We also read from glassdoor that data scientist is number one best job in America in 2016. Because of this reason there are lots of people who want to become data scientist. Many inbox me asking how they can switch career to data science and how they can be good data scientists. Hoping that I could help some data science aspirants, I decided to write this article mainly based on my experience... more


Julia Vs R Comparison Cheat Sheet

Some people believe that Julia, which is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing, is the next big thing for scientific computing. While time will tell if Julia will be the de facto data science tool, the fact that it is faster than R, Python and Matlab makes it suitable for computationally intensive analytics. I learned about Julia from an online course on Coursera and I decided to practice it by preparing comparison cheat sheets by comparing Julia commands with R and Python. The first cheat sheet is available here.

Using Python, R, Julia and Octave with Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook helps us to create and share documents that contain narration, code and code output. It is an ideal tool for data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, machine learning, etc. If you are a graduate student who works with data, analytics professional, researcher or university professor, who teaches modeling, simulation, machine learning, analytics, etc, Jupyter can be very helpful for you. Read More.

Visualizing New York City 311 Service Requests with Kibana

Elasticsearch is the most popular enterprise search engine. It is used by by many notable companies such as Facebook, GitHub, Quora, etc. Kibana helps us to visualize and analyze data that resides in Elasticsearch. I am planning to make a couple of video tutorials on using the Elastic Stack and this is the first one. The Elastic Stack consists of Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash. We can analyze, visualize and search both structured and unstructured data in real time by using the Elastic Stack. All of them are free ... Read More.

Importing Data from MySQL to Elasticsearch to Visualize it with Kibana

In this blog post, I show how to transfer data from MySQL to Elasticsearch and visualize it with Kibana. First, we will insert storms data into MySQL, then import the data to Elasticsearch using Logstash and finally we will create a Kibana Dashboard... Read More.

Indexing many PDF files for full-text search

In this tutorial, I show how to index many pdf files using Python and Elasticsearch File System Crawler.

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