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World Demographics Analysis Dashboard

Here, I show world demographics analysis dashboard using Tableau and data from the world bank. It shows life expectancy, fertility rate and population size by year. It also helps to drill into individual countries and compare thier developments with other countries.

The Youtube video below shows animation of the dashboard. See how fertility rate and life expectancy evolved for world countries in the last 50 years. The color shows the region where the country is found and the circle size is proportional to the population size. While significant increase in life expectancy and decrease in fertility rate is observed in most of them, some of them experienced free fall in life expectancy in some periods which could be linked to some natural or man made calamities. The other sad fact we can observe from the animation is that sub-Saharan countries are lagging behind.

We can also drill into each region. In the video below, countries from one region are highlighted.

We can also select some countries and compare thier evolution. In the video below, the red, brown and green circles represent China, India and USA, respectively. Appreciate the miraculous performance of China and India.

The dashboard from Tableau Public is shown below; however, Tableau Public does not provide animation service. So, you have to select one year to see the values for that year.

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