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My Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate Certification

What did I get from the preparation for Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate exam?

Tableau’s Level Of Detail Expressions With R Shiny

This is a continuation to the previous blog post on Tableau’s Level Of Detail (LOD) Expressions with R. We will solve questions using both R Shiny and Tableau's Level of Detail Expressions. In the previous post, we saw the fixedTableau LOD expression. In this post, we will see, include and exclude expressions. ... more.

Tableau’s Level Of Detail Expressions With R - Part 1

Data visualization tools perform some interesting analyses behind the scenes when we create marvelous dashboards through drag and drop. In this tutorial series, I will show how to accomplish Tableau’s level of detail expressions in R using programing ... more.

Integrating Tableau with R through R Notebooks and Shiny for Descriptive, Inferential and Predictive Analytics

Integrating R Notebooks and R shiny with Tableau enables us to take advantage of the various statistical analysis and machine learning packages in R... more

Sentiment Analysis of Donald Trump's views on Muslims using R and Tableau

In this post, we will focus on how to integrate R and Tableau for text mining, sentiment analysis and visualization. Using these tools together enables us to answer detailed questions... more

Using R machine learning techniques inside Tableau: 2012 presidential election prediction

This is an example of Tableau and R integration. Here, I am using a machine learning technique to predict the winner of 2012 election using polling data from likely voters... more

Sankey Diagrams with Filters in Tableau

Sankey diagrams are a kind of flow diagrams in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity. In this post, we will create Sankey diagrams with filters using Tableau ... more

Sankey Animation

World Demographics Analysis Dashboard

This is a world demographics analysis dashboard using data from the world bank. It shows life expectancy, fertility rate and population size by year. It also helps to drill into indivisual countries and compare thier developments with other countries... more

Integrating R and Tableau

In this post, I will download quarterly datasets from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS) website, concatenate them, and do some data cleaning in R. Then, I will visualize the data in Tableau... more

Combined dynamic sets with formulas controlled via parameters: startups with best investment opportunities

This Tableau Dashboard helps to select exciting start-ups to invest in. The criterion for selection is a combination of:

  • High Revenue
  • Low Expenses
  • Top growth

  • Interactive Tableau Dashboard: Customer Segmentation using dummy data for an imaginary bank operating in the UK

    Fetching JSON data into Tableau using web data connector

    Web Data Connector helps to connect to data which is accessible over HTTP including internal web services, JSON data, and REST APIs. Here JSON data from the openFDA website is used to create the dashboard below in Tableau. The data is on adverse events reported to the FDA.

    Global population distribution by income, 2011

    This is a Tableau Dashboard that shows world population by income in 2011. The income data can be downloaded from here. D3 version is available here.

    Median salary for data-related jobs

    When a US company wants to hire someone from outside of the United States for a technical position, they have to file an application to the United States government to get a green card or visa for the foreign applicant. They also have to state the average amount an employee with similar skills and background typically gets paid for the same position. The Tableau dashboard below shows the median salary of some job categories using data submitted by various companies. The data can be downloaded from the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification.

    Interactive visualization with R-Shiny versus with Tableau : Treemaps

    This post is on interactive treemap with Shiny and Tableau... more.

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